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Not your average Volvo

P1800ES Brochure 1973

P1800ES Brochure 1973

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The Volvo 1800ES sports car was designed as an instrument of pleasure.

It’s intended for two people who want to get away from it all quickly and with all the luggage they need to take their time about coming home.

In building this car, we successfully resisted the temptation to impose our 145station wagon design on it.

Instead, we refined the shape of our 1800E sport’s car.

By extending the roof line backward and adding a glass tailgate, we created two things: more-thanample luggage space and a handsome car. Of course, the enjoyment of owning an 1800ES doesn’t have to be confined to long weekends.

You should even find it pleasurable making short trips to the supermarket. And counting the heads that turn.

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