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Not your average Volvo

P1800 Brochure 1962

P1800 Brochure 1962

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The Volvo P 1800 is a car that attracts attention through the sheer beauty o f its handsome lines and its effortless sparkling performance both in dense city traffic and on the open highway.

The power unit in this graceful and luxurious car is a thoroughbred one hundred horse power unit driving through a fully synchronized gearbox while the suspension is well in keeping with the technical perfection of the power system.

Volvo P 1800 is the natural choice of those who make outstanding demands on luxurious comfort, relaxed safety and complete reliability.

The faultless road-holding qualities of this car together with safety details such as disc brakes on the front wheels, safety belts and padded dashboard make long-distance driving sheer enjoyment. To drive the Volvo P 1800 with its carefully planned interior appointments, clearly visible instrumentation and conveniently located controls is an exhilarating experience.

This car is also designed for varying climatic conditions since the body is very effectively rust proofed and standard equipment includes a powerful heater-defroster and two separate air intakes as well as electric windscreen wipers and washers. The Volvo P 1800 makes your everyday driving a pleasure and your leisure motoring is the unique experience of handling a car with superb performance and with effortless power at your command.

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