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Not your average Volvo

P1800 Brochure 1960

P1800 Brochure 1960


The engine for the Volvo P 1800, which is of completely new design, has the following specifications:
Four-cylinder overhead-valve engine
Bore = 3.313″ (84.14 mm)

Stroke = 3.15″ (80 mm)
Capacity = 108.5 (1.78 liters)
Compression ratio = 9.5:1
Max. output = 100b.h.p.(SAE)at5500r.p.m.
Max. torque = 108 lb.ft. (15 kgm) at4000 r.p.m.
Twin 1′/4″ horizontal carburetors. The cylinder block has been designed for the stable suspension of the transmission with the clutch and the starter motor.
Crankshaft carried in five lead-bronze bearings, surface-hardened journals. The cylinder head has separate induction ports and special cooling through a water distributing tube. A full-flow oil filter is included in standard equipment. An oil cooler is available as extra equipment.

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